Why is SpaceX Sending a Dogecoin Rocket to the Moon?

How did Dogecoin change into in style?Dogecoin has been a sizzling subject on Reddit for a number of years. It’s had some mainstream moments, too: in 2014, for instance, a group of Redditors raised roughly $30,000 in Dogecoin to ship the Jamaican Bobsled Team to the Winter Olympics in Sochi. But Dogecoin’s largest breakthrough was throughout the stonks fiasco of January 2021, when a group of redditors on r/wallstreetbets determined to pump up GameStop’s inventory. After the focus round GameStop subsided, a group of Redditors pivoted to pumping Dogecoin. Elon Musk tweeted his assist for Dogecoin, boosting its worth even additional.Musk has made many Dogecoin mentions since, primarily on Twitter however most lately on Saturday Night Live. So of all the cryptocurrencies SpaceX may have highlighted for a lunar mission, it is smart the firm is transacting with Dogecoin.What’s DOGE-1 going to do?To be trustworthy, we don’t actually know.Beyond cost, particulars on the mission are nonetheless very skinny. Though the satellite tv for pc will in all probability be despatched into lunar orbit, it’s unclear what the spacecraft will do as soon as it will get there. According to a press launch from GEC, “the payload will obtain lunar-spatial intelligence from sensors and cameras on-board with integrated communications and computational systems.” The Planetary Society has reached out to SpaceX and GEC for additional clarification on what this implies.We do know that “digital art” and “space plaques” can be concerned someway. Elon Musk wrote on Twitter the mission will embrace the “first meme in space,” however SpaceX and GEC haven’t indicated what this may entail or the way it’ll be materialized. There may very well be some type of reference to Dogecoin going “to the moon,” a phrase its supporters use to describe Dogecoin’s worth skyrocketing.It’s additionally doable that SpaceX will attempt, as Musk has beforehand stated, to really put a Dogecoin on the Moon. Since Dogecoin isn’t tangible, like a greenback or penny, it’s anybody’s guess as to how or if it’ll occur.It’s a lot to absorb. As Shibe would in all probability agree, all we are able to say for now is “wow.”

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