The view from a rover’s eyes, and tips for viewing the night sky

A cable above the Arecibo Observatory radio telescope in Puerto Rico snapped on Monday, ripping a 30-meter gash in the dish (pictured). The observatory is a crucial device for monitoring and characterizing probably hazardous asteroids; two weeks in the past it dominated out that a half-kilometer-wide asteroid known as 2020 NK1 would safely miss the Earth in 2043. Image credit score: University of Central Florida.
NASA’s InSight spacecraft has completed utilizing its robotic arm to scoop Martian soil into a gap round its heat-flow probe, which has been making an attempt to bury itself beneath the floor since March 2019. Next, mission controllers can have the mole self-hammer whereas urgent down on the filled-in gap with the robotic arm.
The Butterfly Nebula. The Whirlpool Galaxy. Many deep-space objects have poetic unofficial names that make them simpler to establish. However, a few of these names are insensitive or dangerous, and in these circumstances NASA says it should solely use the official International Astronomical Union designations. The company is reevaluating the names as a part of a broader variety, inclusion, and equality effort.
When NASA’s Dawn spacecraft arrived at the dwarf planet Ceres in 2015, it found shiny spots shaped by briny water effervescent from beneath the floor. Scientists now say the water comes from a reservoir 40 kilometers deep and tons of of kilometers vast. The implications for small worlds are huge: we knew icy moons like Europa might have subsurface water, warmed by the pull of a close by large planet’s gravity. Yet Ceres, on their lonesome in the chilly asteroid belt, appears to have discovered a workaround.
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft accomplished its ultimate gown rehearsal earlier than it collects a pattern from asteroid Bennu in late October. The samples, which is able to return to Earth in 2023, might inform us extra about the origin of the planets and life on Earth. What’s the good thing about pattern return?

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