Solar System Timeline

Where did we come from? How did the planets, asteroids, comets, and small worlds in our photo voltaic system come to be? When did all of it occur? These are a number of the core questions that drive us to discover different worlds. The beneath timeline exhibits some key occasions that led to our existence on Earth, from the creation of the universe to current day. To be taught extra, learn our Solar System History 101 article.13.eight billion years in the past: The Big Bang varieties the universe.4.6 billion years in the past: A gaggle of protostars, one in every of which is able to grow to be the Sun, type from a cloud of particles left by prior star explosions within the Milky Way.4.59 billion years in the past: The big planets Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune type across the protosun. At least Uranus
and Neptune type nearer to the Sun than the place they’re right now. One or extra ice giants could have additionally shaped that have been later ejected from the photo voltaic system. 4.55 billion years in the past: Let there be mild: The Sun begins fusing hydrogen into helium.4.5 billion years in the past: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars type. A Mars-sized planet collides with Earth, and the particles varieties the Moon.4.5 to 4.1 billion years in the past: The Sun gravitationally separates from its protostar siblings.4.1 to three.eight billion years in the past: The big planets’
orbits shift, scattering small worlds all through the photo voltaic system. Some
bombard the inside planets and sure ship water and organics to
Earth.Four to three billion years in the past: Small world bombardment causes widespread volcanism on the inside planets.3.eight to three.5 billion years in the past: Life begins on Earth.Three billion years in the past: Mars loses most of its ambiance and water.2.5 billion years in the past: Photosynthetic organisms
evolve on Earth and pump oxygen into our ambiance, serving to create the
mix of gases we breathe right now.1 billion years in the past: Volcanism on the Moon stops.100 million years in the past: An impression on the Moon varieties Tycho crater. Saturn will get its rings.66 million years in the past: A large asteroid impacts Earth, triggering international local weather change. Three quarters of life, together with the dinosaurs, go extinct.Now: The photo voltaic system is a a lot calmer place now, although occasional asteroid impacts nonetheless threaten Earth.

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