Life on Mars: Your Questions Answered

Does life exist on Mars now?There is a slim probability that microbial life exists on Mars at present,
maybe beneath the planet’s ice caps or in subsurface lakes detected by
spacecraft just like the European Space Agency’s Mars Express. Locations like these might shield life from the tough situations on the planet’s floor. Because the type of life that we predict might exist on Mars at present is microbial, it wouldn’t be noticed by the cameras of an orbiting spacecraft. Instead, there are methods we might detect it not directly by way of chemical signatures
linked to life known as biosignatures. One such biosignature is methane, which might be created by each
organic and geological processes. Curiosity has detected methane close to
its touchdown website in Gale Crater, however this is not conclusive; the European Space Agency’s Trace
Gas Express Orbiter has not discovered indicators of the chemical in Mars’
environment.Could people carry life to Mars?When sending spacecraft to Mars to search for indicators of life, it’s
extraordinarily necessary to ensure we don’t carry microbes together with us.
Even although it takes months for a spacecraft to journey to Mars, hardy
microorganisms might doubtlessly survive the journey.Every mission that lands on Mars have to be totally sterilized earlier than it leaves Earth.
Otherwise, devices in search of indicators of life is likely to be fooled by life
that got here together with the spacecraft. Even worse, there’s a slim however actual risk
that Earthling microbes might survive and thrive on Mars, doubtlessly
interfering with any lifeforms that may exist already there.The threat of contaminating Mars with Earthling microbes turns into
even better when contemplating future human missions to Mars.
Human our bodies are teeming with microbes, and it might be almost
unimaginable to include them inside a crewed Martian outpost. NASA,
worldwide house companies, and personal firms should work collectively
to create planetary safety tips that steadiness the advantages of
human exploration with the chance of contamination.

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