‘It sounds like an animal’: NASA astronauts describe the Crew Dragon re-entry experience

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft virtually got here alive throughout its dramatic dive by Earth’s ambiance on Sunday (Aug. 2), its NASA crew reported.NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley stated they felt shimmies, tremors and rolls as the capsule, named Endeavour, returned to Earth Sunday to wrap up the almost picture-perfect Demo-2, SpaceX’s first-ever crewed mission.”The atmosphere makes noise; you can start to hear that rumble outside the vehicle,” Behnken stated throughout a information convention as we speak (Aug. 4). “It sounds like an animal, going through the atmosphere, with all the puffs and the atmospheric noise. It continues to gain magnitude as you descend through the atmosphere.”Full protection: SpaceX’s historic Demo-2 Crew Dragon astronaut take a look at flightTempting because it may need been to look out the window as Endeavour neared its splashdown off the coast of Pensacola, Florida, the astronauts elected not to take action. The solely accessible views in the spacecraft are close to the astronauts’ ft, and the spaceflyers stated they felt it was greatest to observe their shows fairly than crane their heads.”It didn’t seem like the smartest thing to do, as the vehicle was starting maneuvering. At that point, we were trying to make sure we were good and strapped in,” Behnken stated.The sounds and sensations had been regular, anticipated and never unfamiliar to Behnken and Hurley. Coming into the two-month-long Demo-2, the duo already had 4 spaceflights between them, all of which employed NASA’s now-retired area shuttle. SpaceX additionally gave the astronauts audio recordings and different details about Crew Dragon’s first journey to the area station, on the uncrewed Demo-1 mission in 2019, to find out about circumstances in the spacecraft, Behnken and Hurley stated as we speak.But Demo-2’s return to Earth was nonetheless a wild trip. Separation of the crew service “trunk” previous to re-entry felt like being “hit in the back of a chair with a baseball bat, a crack,” Behnken stated. Parachute deployment produced “a significant jolt,” he added, and the crew felt the splash of the ocean earlier than water flowed over the home windows. “You can see from just an overall view of the capsule that re-entry is a pretty demanding environment, with the scorches on the vehicle, and the windows were not spared any of that,” Hurley stated. For all the sights and sounds the crew skilled throughout re-entry, they missed out on an occasion that performed earlier than tv cameras in the minutes after touchdown. As restoration crews labored to safe Endeavour, a number of dozen non-public boats swarmed the scene, defying orders from the U.S. Coast Guard. The astronauts, nevertheless, might see little or no outdoors the capsule and did not know of this flotilla till after they had been whisked onto the SpaceX restoration ship GO Navigator and faraway from Endeavour, they stated.NASA, SpaceX and the Coast Guard have all stated they plan to make modifications for future splashdowns to forestall a boater gatecrash from taking place once more, citing security considerations. For instance, after splashdown, restoration crews recorded elevated ranges of nitrogen tetroxide round Endeavour, a poisonous fuel that would pose a danger to unprotected individuals who bought too shut. (Behnken, Hurley and the restoration crews had been in no hazard, NASA and SpaceX officers stated, stressing that they plan for these kinds of points.)Hurley echoed the concern: “It can’t happen [again] like it did before,” he stated of the boaters.’Space dad’ jokes: NASA astronauts made prank calls after historic SpaceX splashdownHurley and Behnken stated the mission in any other case went as easily as the greatest simulations they skilled, versus the ones the place they had been taught the right way to take care of failures. Hurley added that he was notably stunned that Dragon’s drogue parachutes deployed at precisely the proper time, since atmospheric dynamics are onerous to foretell for a brand new spacecraft.Hurley warned it’s incumbent upon future spacecraft groups “not to get complacent” despite the fact that Endeavour carried out so properly. The Demo-2 astronauts will meet subsequent week with the four-person crew of the subsequent Crew Dragon mission, which is called Crew-1. The coming flight, SpaceX’s first operational mission to the area station beneath a $2.6 billion contract with NASA, is scheduled to launch in late September. That liftoff will not occur, nevertheless, till NASA and SpaceX have examined the Demo-2 information intimately. Team members will do that throughout a number of weeks of routine mission debriefings, which can give them an opportunity to go over the minor issues and “lessons learned” the Demo-2 crew encountered.One problem for Crew-1 can be flying 4 astronauts as a substitute of two, which is one thing NASA and others have tried to simulate. For instance, docking procedures had been simulated utilizing 4 astronauts on the area station: Hurley, Behnken, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy and Russian cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin. Cassidy and Ivanishin have flown aboard Russia’s three-person Soyuz spacecraft and will carry that experience to bear in the docking discussions, complementing Behnken and Hurley’s shuttle missions, Hurley stated.The Demo-2 crewmembers added that they are trying ahead to spending extra time with their households. Behnken stated it’s now his flip to tackle the brunt of house duties to assist his spouse, NASA astronaut Megan McArthur. She will fly aboard Crew-2 in 2021, driving aboard the similar Endeavour capsule that Behnken and Hurley used.Their personal mission, Hurley added, “took years in the making. I think Doug and I have been working at it for a good solid five years at this point, and it is awesome to see it to fruition.”Follow Elizabeth Howell on Twitter @howellspace. 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