Eclipses: It’s All About Perspective

NASA is sending two missions to Venus. Administrator Bill Nelson introduced two new missions chosen for NASA’s Discovery program, each heading to Venus. DAVINCI+ will analyze Venus’ ambiance to know the way it shaped and advanced, and can decide whether or not the planet ever had an ocean. VERITAS will map Venus’ floor to find out the planet’s geologic historical past and perceive why it developed so in a different way than Earth. These will probably be NASA’s first devoted missions to Venus in additional than three many years. Pictured: Venus imaged by NASA’s Mariner 10 flyby mission in 1974. Image credit score: NASA/JPL/Mattias Malmer.
The White House proposed $24.eight billion for NASA subsequent yr—an nearly 7% soar. The fiscal yr 2022 finances request helps a lot of The Planetary Society’s prime priorities, together with a Mars Sample Return mission, the NEO Surveyor planetary protection spacecraft, and the Artemis program to return astronauts to the Moon.
Canada has its sights set on the Moon as properly. In line with The Planetary Society’s suggestions, the Canadian Space Agency has introduced a collection of recent investments in area science and exploration, together with a lunar rover mission in partnership with NASA. The rover can have at the least two science devices and can purpose to outlive the acute chilly and darkness of a lunar night time, which lasts about 14 Earth days. The lunar night time’s circumstances will pose challenges for future missions within the Artemis program, during which Canada is a associate.
China’s Tianzhou-2 spacecraft efficiently docked with the Tianhe area station, delivering gasoline and provides for future astronauts. This is the second of 11 missions China will launch as a way to construct its multi-module area station in low-Earth orbit. China expects to finish its area station someday in 2022, after which it’ll operate for about 10 years.
NASA’s Ingenuity accomplished its sixth flight regardless of a busy hiccup. On May 22, the Mars helicopter skilled an imaging glitch that precipitated its automated flight system to change into confused. Ingenuity started to make giant, uncommon oscillations in consequence. In spite of the mishap, Ingenuity was in a position to land itself safely again on the bottom, touching down about 5 meters (roughly 16 toes) from its deliberate vacation spot.

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