Earth from Space: Lake Mar Chiquita



The Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission takes us over Lake Mar Chiquita – an endorheic salt lake within the northeast province of Córdoba, Argentina.

Click on the picture to discover it in its full decision and study concerning the options on this beautiful panorama.

Lake Mar Chiquita, round 70 km lengthy and 24 km broad, is fed primarily by the Primero and Segundo rivers from the southwest and from the Dulce river from the north. While these rivers move into the lake, there isn’t a pure outflow of water so it solely loses water by evaporation, therefore Lake Mar Chiquita being described as an endorheic lake. The lake’s floor space, in addition to its salinity, varies significantly (ranging between 2000 and 6000 sq km), though it’s slowly diminishing in measurement owing to evaporation.Several small islands lie within the lake, crucial of which is El Médano. Vast expanses of saline marshes will be seen on the lake’s northern shore. The lake has been designated as a Ramsar Site of International Importance, and is taken into account one of the vital wetlands in Argentina owing to its wealthy biodiversity. Over 25 species of fish are identified to breed in Lake Mar Chiquita, with fishing and livestock being the principal land makes use of.The colors of this week’s picture come from the mixture of two polarisations from the Sentinel-1 radar mission, which have been transformed right into a single picture.As radar photographs present information another way than a standard optical digital camera, the pictures are often black and white when they’re obtained. By utilizing a know-how that aligns the radar beams despatched and obtained by the instrument in a single orientation – both vertically or horizontally – the ensuing information will be processed in a means that produces colored photographs such because the one featured right here. This method permits scientists to raised analyse Earth’s floor.Shades of blue within the picture present us the place the variations between the 2 polarisations are larger, for instance the saline marshes within the lake’s north, whereas the crops and agricultural fields within the surrounding space seem yellow, indicating fewer variations between polarisations. Fields, akin to these seen within the bottom-left nook of the picture, seem blue most definitely as a result of they’re wetter. Several villages, together with San Francisco and Rafaela, are identifiable in white within the bottom-right of the picture.This picture, acquired on 17 November 2020, can also be featured on the Earth from Space video programme.

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